My Daily Struggle To Wake Up Each Morning


The day was March 16. The alarm clock was buzzing. The alarm was set for 8:00 am. School starts at 8:50 am. Despite all of this, I woke up at 8:25 am.

10 minutes before this, my body was strewn across my bed in a very awkward position. The blanket was thrown down onto the floor. My face was pressed face-down into my pillow and I was drooling.  This was the condition of my room when my mom walked in. The sight was terribly shocking, at least for her. After she had recomposed herself, she calmly walked up to my bed, stood there for a minute or so, and smacked me.

It took me a full minute for me to register the fact that I was smacked, thirty seconds to fully awaken myself, and thirty seconds to respond. At first, I just stared at my mom. Then, I looked at the clock. 8:25 AM. I looked back at my mom. I immediately jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, washed my hands, ran back to my room, took out my contact lenses, ran back to the bathroom, and began to brush my teeth furiously.

By the time I finished brushing my teeth, the clock read 8:30 am. Quickly, I threw on a pair of light khaki-colored shorts and a white tee. This took me a minute at most. However, what I had to do next took me at least five minutes. Take a guess as to what it is. If you are a guy, you probably know what I’m taking about.

It was fixing and combing my hair. On some days, I wouldn’t even bother doing anything to my hair if it looked decent enough. But on this particular day, my bed hair was a mess. Since my hair was sticking out in all sorts of direction, I hastily applied some gel and combed my hair. As I was just about to head downstairs, my sister yelled at me to hurry up.

The clock read 8:35 am. We had just made our way onto the streets. We arrived at school at 8:47 am. Just as I thought that I would make it to class on time, one of the supervision ladies stopped me and gave me a detention. My classroom was only a couple feet away from. As I walked into class, I felt like the odds were against me.


3 thoughts on “My Daily Struggle To Wake Up Each Morning

  1. Reblogged this on Yours Truly and commented:
    I thought I was the only one that lost the Monday morning battles. It’s like YouTube “daily routine” videos, except a lot less glamorous and a million times more honest.


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